1. When we started: Catalyst Christian Church started as a Bible study in Sr Pastor David Kibler's living room back in the fall of 2007. We launched as a church in March 2008, meeting at East Jessamine High School on Sunday mornings. In September 2009, we moved to our current facility located at 4000 Park Central Avenue behind the Boot Store off Nicholasville Road.

  2. What to expect:

    • Dress: Dress is casual, although we have quite a variety. We have ties and t-shirts, jeans and shorts, slacks and dresses, and everything in between. Our senior pastor has been known to wear his high school letter jacket on occasion, and if you still fit into yours, you are welcome to wear yours too.

    • Music: Our music is, well, free. There are no boundaries as to styles, volumes, instrumentation, or the lack thereof. We believe that music is an expression of worship and, therefore, canít be placed in a box. One week could be rock or techno. The next could be completely acoustic. One thing is always sure.....energy. We believe that we should give everything we have in our worship through music and try to live that out each week.

    • Teaching: You can expect to hear messages that are relevant and Biblical. We even make our messages available on this website, and we invite you to listen online to see if you like what you hear.
      Click here to be taken to our podcast.

    • Innovation: This word applies to everything we do, from teaching to music to ministry to outreach to everything else. We look at creative, new ways to present the same timeless message Jesus taught 2000 years ago. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to have some fun.

    • Simplicity: Life's too hectic, and it's our fault. Everything we do at Catalyst has to pass the simplicity test. It is not our desire to fill a calendar with a bunch of events or complicate the already stressful pace of life.

      We stress simplicity in worship, simplicity in finances, simplicity in home life- simplicity in our walk with God. In a world that pushes us to more and more complex things, simplicity allows us to rid ourselves of unnecessary stress and experience the freedom that Christ gives.

    • Change: We emphasize change in everything we do. Life change. It is our belief at Catalyst that it is impossible to encounter Christ without being changed. God takes the dullness, the apathy, the boredom, the broken relationships, the hurt, and the pain and changes it into something beautiful. Something eternal. Something worth living for.


4000 Park Central Avenue. Nicholasville, KY. 40356. (859) 885-1233. catalystchristian.net