Loving God With Our Minds

Series titled "The First" at Catalyst Christian Church

April 17th, 2022: The Good News, Bad News, And Good News

The Main Thing: The Resurrection is The Greatest Day in History

April 24th, 2022: How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?

The Main Thing: Hell Is God’s Greatest Gesture Of Respect To The Person Who Hates Him

May 1st, 2022: Why Atheism Is A Dead End

The Main Thing: Atheism Has Failed Every Society That Has Adopted It

May 8th, 2022: Three Lies That Satan Tells Us

The Main Thing: Don’t Structure Your Life Around That Which Is False

May 15th, 2022: Why I stopped Believing in Evolution

The Main Thing: Science and Faith Are Not In Conflict; Our Knowledge of One Increases Our Love For The Other

May 22nd, 2022: Isn’t It Offensive To Claim Jesus is The Only Way?

The Main Thing: It Doesn’t Matter If It Is Offensive – It Only Matters If It Is True

May 29th, 2022: I Still Have Doubts, So I Can’t Be A Christian

The Main Thing: Focus On God And Your Doubt Won’t Take Over

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