Marriage and Family

Marriage Ministry

We believe that marriage is God’s territory, and we believe that the church can have an amazing impact on marriage in our community. We host quarterly marriage events, usually on a Saturday morning, with the goal of establishing strong homes and strong marriages. 

Parenting Ministry

One of the biggest ongoing needs in our community is help with parenting. Every Wednesday night during the spring and fall, senior pastor David Kibler teaches a class on Christian parenting called, “Raising Adults” covering topics such as “How to communicate effectively and why yelling doesn’t work,” “The four types of parents you don’t want to be,” “The most important trait of a parent,” “The 8 reasons children rebel,” “How to build self-confidence in your children,” and “How to get your kids to see life as a great spiritual adventure” among others. Classes start in January and August and run sixteen weeks, following the school year calendar.