Make Your Own Mistakes, Not Mine

Make Your Own Mistakes, Not Mine Sermon Series

September 11th, 2022: Don’t Let Insecurity Destroy Your Life

The Main Thing: Insecurity Will Make You See Enemies When You Should See Friends

September 18th, 2022: Location, Location, Location

The Main Thing: The First And Best Way To Avoid Sin Is To Be Where You Are Supposed To Be

September 25th, 2022: The Prosperity Trap

The Main Thing: Faithfulness Gives Birth To Prosperity, But The Daughter Soon Devours The Mother

October 2nd, 2022: Don’t Turn To The Wrong Things When Vulnerable

The Main Thing: When Life Hurts, Satan Will Always Tempt You With A New Way To Destroy Yourself

October 9th, 2022: Momentary Fear Leads To Permanent Regret

The Main Thing: The Time To Fix The Roof Is When The Sun Is Shining; It’s Too Late Once It Starts To Rain

October 16th, 2022: Impatience With God’s Timing Leads To Disaster

The Main Thing: The Temptation to Help God Out Has Led To More Disasters Than We Care To Admit

October 23rd, 2022: Lack Of Self-Control Leads To Destruction

The Main Thing: Immaturity Says, ‘Do What Feels Good;’ Maturity says, ‘Do What Honors God’

October 30th, 2022: Defeat The Family Cycle

The Main Thing: Family Disfunction Needs to End with You.

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